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Andros – Relax in the


A Green island


Andros is the greenest Cycladic island

Andros is the Cycladic island with the most developed vegetation and has the richest flora of all the Cyclades as well. Because of the non homogeneity of its ground, Andros offers various impressions to visitors. It is very green, especially on the eastern side because it is where most of its streams are located and the side receiving most rainfalls. There are springs and waterfalls; in higher altitudes, vegetation is quite poor because of the strong winds. At the middle and lowest altitudes, many shrubs can be found. The deepest part of the valleys are full of various vegetation with many olive, mulberry, apple, almond and fig trees. Like the rest of Greece, Andros is a paradise for botanists and is particularly rich in plant life. You will have the chance to see a huge variety of habitats, such as chestnut forests which are found nowhere else in the Cyclades. Moreover, Andros has a total of 13 wetlands (Vitali, Achla and Atenis bay, Ateni, Pitharas waterfall (Sariza), Aladino, Chora, Gialia Zorkou bay, Fellos, Kantouni, Vori and Gayrio) many of which are in excellent condition and hence worth visiting.

Andros maintains remarkable flora. 19 endemic to the Cyclades and many endemic to Greece.  Blackberry bushes, fig trees, ivies, myrtle, wild acorn trees, wild mint and much more. Central Aegean endemic species that can be met in Andros are: Allium luteolum, Asperula abbreviata, Campanula calaminthifolia, Centaurea oliverana,Cerastium runemarki, Galanthus ikariae subp. Snogerupii, Muscari pulchellum subsp.Clepsidroeides, Verbascum adeliae, Arssum foliosum e.t.c. Greek endemic species that can be met in Andros are: Bolanthus graecus, Crocus laevigatus, Hymenonema graecum, Vicia pinetorum e.t.c.

Finally in Andros at least 18 species of orchids appear in spring such as  Orchis saccata, Orchis anatolica and plenty of herbs can be observed throughout the year such as oregano, sage, thyme, chamomile,  peppermint and so on, used for culinary and medicinal purposes.

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Its fauna include badgers, hares, snakes, partridges and weasels.From land mammals, hares (Lepus europaeus), wild rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculous), hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus) and beech marten (Martes foina) can be encountered. You can also find rodents and bats as well as various insects and invertebrates like snails, worms e.t.c.

Reptiles Andros hosts several species of lizards often seen basking on dry stone walls by walkers. The most commons are the small Erhard’s Wall lizard, the males of which sport anterior green backs during the spring mating season, and the large lizard, Rough-tailed agama. Reptiles you will meet:Erhard’s Wall Lizard (Podarcis erhardii ssp. naxensis)  Kotschy’s Gecko (Cyrtopodion kotschyi) Turkish or Mediterranean house gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus) Green lizard (Lacerta trilineata) Rough-tailed agama (Stellagama stellio).

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Snakes you will meet: Along with lizards, Andros protects at least five species of snakes. These animals play a vital role in the function of local ecosystems by consuming large amounts of rodents and various invertebrate pests. Much feared, but completely harmless is the Javelin sand boa (Eryx jaculus) The Four-lined snake (Elaphe quatuorlineata), a large-bodied though harmless snake, is considered a friend of the farmers due to the fact that it preys on rodents. Rarer species are the Long-nosed viper (Vipera ammodytes), a venomous but shy snake.  

Birds You can encounter some rare and endangered species such as: • Bonelli’s Eagle (Iieraetus fasciatus) • Peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus) • Griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus) • Scops Owl (Otus scops) • Common buzzard (buteo buteo) • Common kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) • Owl (Athene noctua) Sea birds you can encounter: • Yellow-legged gull (Larus michahellis) • Auduin’s Gull (Larus audouinii) • European Shag (Phalacrocorax aristotelis) • Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) • Scopoli’s shearwater (Calonectris diomedea) • Yelkouan Shearwater (Puffinus yelkouan)

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