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The island of the Water Nymphs


Kea Island in Cyclades

KEA or Tzia : Another Hydrosha (water) in the Cyclades complex to remind us that once in the Aegean Sea these now dry and barren islands had forests, had springs with rich waters, and demonstrated a rich culture. In these numerous springs lived the Nymphs of Kea, but they were driven out by the terrible lion, sent by Zeus, and then the brilliant star Sirius appeared, who in turn began to burn the Cycladic land with his rays, including that of Kea, and so the springs were drained and the vegetation was lost. The demigod Aristaeus, however, appeased the gods with sacrifices, and they sent the meltemia, which with their northern dew limited the drought.

Dry Stone Walls Andros Cyclades
Dry Stone Walls Andros Cyclades
fishing boat Batsi Andros

Her name, Kea, after the settler from Nafpaktos Keos son of Apollo and Nymph Rhodesis. And in the process, was named Tzia by the Franks conquered the island in the 13th century.

The island of Kea, or “Tzia” as it is known, is located just a few nautical miles from Cape Sounion and is the closest island of the Cyclades to Athens. Ferry boats depart from the port of Lavrio, just half an hour from the airport.
Bays, coves, and capes paint its outline. Valleys and plateaus with oak trees decorate its interior. Ancient paths parallel to the gorges, and dry stone walls, lead to its ancient cities.
In archaic times it was known as Tetrapolis because four city-states were founded on the island: Ioulida, Korissos, Karthea, and Poiessa.

After an hour’s journey, the boat arrives from Lavrio to Korissia, the site of Ancient Corinth, one of the largest and safest ports in the Mediterranean, with one of the largest and safest ports in the Mediterranean. It is adorned with the lighthouse of Agios Nikolaos with its chapel and is the first lighthouse to be lit in the Cyclades. At the top of the mountain and 5 km from the port, stands the island’s capital, Ioulida. Cobbled streets, churches, and interesting buildings make up its interior, giving it a special beauty.
Ten kilometres from Ioulida is the seaside settlement of Poisses, built on the site of ancient Poiessa. On its northern side, there are remains of the ancient Acropolis. The sandy beach of the settlement is beautiful and is preferred by visitors for its clear waters and tamarisks.

Ioulida Kea Walking Tours Cyclades

The slate dominates everywhere, with which the houses and the dry stone walls are built, offering a nice effect as it fully integrates the buildings into the beauty of the landscape.
The beaches of the island, such as Korissia, Vourkari, Koundouros, Spathi, Liparo, Xyla, almost untouched, are waiting for the visitor to enjoy them.
Other picturesque villages and settlements of the island are Otzias, Poisses and Vourkari, a sheltered fishing village that welcomes visitors who arrive in Kea by boat either for a weekend excursion or by parking coming from the surrounding islands.

Koundouros, in the southern part of Kea, is a holiday resort with beautiful sandy beaches, where one can find luxury hotels and holiday villas of famous Greek and foreign holidaymakers.
The traveller who will proceed to the interior of the island will be amazed when he reaches the area of Perameria, which is covered with oak trees. This beautiful oak forest is the largest in the central Aegean region.

Kea Island Walking Holidays
Kea Island Walking Holidays
Kea Island Walking Holidays
Kea Island Walking Holidays
Kea Island Walking Holidays

Like all the islands of the Cyclades, Kea is adorned with numerous churches, which can be found everywhere. The patron saint of the island is Panagia Kastriani, founded in the year 1700.
An island with its own unique beauty and history, Kea has a great network of paths that have been classified as a Network of Cultural Interest. It is a paradise for walkers as it has a network of paths, with a total length of 81 km, many of them being paved.

The paths were part of the ancient road network that in the 7th-6th centuries connected the city-states with each other.

Kea Island Walking Holidays
Kea Island Walking Holidays
Kea Island Walking Holidays
Kea Island Walking Holidays
Kea Island Walking Holidays

How to get to Kea
The best way to get to Kea is to catch the ferry from the port of Lavrion in Athens. The island is just 1 hour away and it’s the perfect destination if you’re short on time.

Island hopping from Kea
Kea is in the northwestern part of the Cyclades and it’s regularly connected with several islands of the Aegean Sea. You can combine your holidays in Kea with an island-hopping trip to the neighboring islands. There are direct ferries from the port of Kea to:

Kythnos Syros Paros Naxos Milos Folegandros Ios Sikinos Kimolos

Check schedules www.ferryhopper.com

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