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Let the Season begin.The almond branches have blossomed

In Greece there is always a myth to say..… even for beautiful innocent blossoms.
“The almond branches have blossomed. Let the Season begin.”

Greek mythology tells us of the Queen of Thrace, Phyllis, who believed her lover would never return from war, having found another romantic interest. In despair, she commits suicide. Seeing her sacrifice, the Gods turn Phyllis into an almond tree. When her waylaid lover returns, he embraces the tree, it blossoms beautifully, and becomes a symbol for constancy in love and eternal hope. Greeks additionally used almonds for interpreting a dream. If you see sweet almonds in your night visions, it means upcoming travel filled with prosperity. Finally, honeyed-almonds feature heavily in Greek wedding traditions, representing the hope that married life brings more joy than sorrow. Five almonds bundled together and presented to a couple act as a wish for long life, happiness, prosperity, well-being and fertility.


The resilient almond tree flourishes in a dry climate with very little water, which makes it an ideal tree for Greece, especially in the south and on many of the islan

ds. So it’s no surprise that almonds have featured prominently in Greek cuisine and pastry making going all the way back to the 6th century BC. They became so closely associated with the region that they were even introduced to the Romans as nux Graecum (Greek walnut in Latin).

Today in Greece you’ll most likely find almonds in desserts or sweet treats. Since this particular nut generally symbolizes happiness, prosperity and good luck, it plays an important role in Greek weddings and baptisms, with sugared almonds and other sweets made with almonds, like amygdalota, being offered post-ceremony.


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