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Hiking on Andros

The Aegean island trails are often those same ancient routes that people used to follow, centuries ago, to reach the shrines and temples, build their towers and villages, and take care of their animals and land.

The term “monopati” (trail) is used today to characterize all these different paths, cobbled through multiple time periods, “stenes” (narrow trails), passages, trails, grand Venetian-time trails, such as “Fardia Strata” (Big Wide Trail), the “Communes” (commoners trail) or the Noble’s Pathways and streets, that make up the rural landscape of Andros.

Andros is mountainous and it is intersected with a number of mountain ridges which create numerous fertile valleys, steep ravines and deep gorges. In comparison to the rest of the Cyclades it rains a lot and there are numerous rivers, streams, springs and waterfalls. As a result the island is remarkably green and characterized by a rich flora and diverse landscape which are waiting for you to be explored.

For centuries, Andros has been crossed by cobbled streets and footpaths. They used to serve as the main communication channels between feudal estates, castles and villages, as well as to connect with the shores, pastures, farms and churches. This network of streets and trails is the backbone of Andros’ rural areas. Nowadays, a number of accessible trails are still preserved.

Following the old trails, a unique landscape reveals small forests, fertile valleys, numerous beaches, ravines with continuous water flow, streaming waterfalls and springs. In addition, there are windmills, watermills, dovecotes, monasteries, rural chapels, stone bridges, beautiful villages and mansions of unique architecture, with balconies decorated with flowers and green gardens.

The island is covered by an approximate 200 km accessible network of hiking trails that traverse the whole island while part of the network (100km)  received in 2015 the European Quality Certification – Leading Quality Trails-Best of Europe managed by the European Ramblers Association.

The 100km ANDROS ROUTE, a continuous hiking route extending from north to south. 

The network includes more than  30 waymarked trails. 

Andros Routes, an initiative of the non-profit organization “Andros Research Center”, is responsible for the identification, maintenance and promotion of these ancient hiking routes of the island as well as for the Certification.

For further information on the Routes and their work visit the website: www.androsroutes.gr

The routes selected for hiking, have a strong ecological and cultural interest and through them, we will discover all the hidden beauty of this island!

We have expertise in walking tours on Andros since 2011, we will be more than happy to build your ideal walking holiday and share all the beauty with you

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